We’ve been open in Comillas, Summer after Summer, since 1966. Before then, the land was pasture for cows grazing on sea-salty grassland but that changed when the campsite opened in the mid-60s, and our holiday makers turned up with their tents and selected their own favourite spots – choosing whether to wake up beside the sea or take a siesta under the canopy of trees, sheltered from the north-eastern wind and the midday sun.

Comillas Camping is still a campsite for campers – dedicated to the happy campers among us who want to go to sleep with the sound of the sea; the waves crashing against the rocky shore, the tide coming in and out, and the north-easterly breeze blowing. And those of us who want to wake up to the smell of fresh Summer grass and the scent of salt-water that permeates your tent, your clothes and your hair (yes, your hair will definitely know it’s on the coast)

This is a campsite of a thousand stars. Pitching up for a night here, you’ll feel like a VIP, as you stare up at the sky over this seafaring town with a stately air and its origins in whaling expeditions, plus one of the most fascinating histories of the 19th and 20th centuries in Northern Spain.